Video Art Gallery

Memories, Emotions, Testimonials Digital, Video Reportage of utlime achievements and Event signed by Lucifero Illuminazione.

Lucifero Illuminazione presents a preview of the new LED Product Catalogue 2012 - Neuron Project - The Future.
Discover all the proposals signed by Lucifer Lighting LED lighting for interior and exterior: LED table lamps, wall lamps, LED lamps, LED pendant lamps, LED floor lamps, LED garden that combine a modern and stylish design for an innovative product tecologico low energy consumption.

Lucifero Illuminazione Video Clip

Lucifero Illuminazione tells its story through the light, is revealed through its forms and his works, here's a glimpse of the thinking that enlightens and governs the creative genius of the Company.

Events by Lucifero

Lucifero Illuminazione presents a collection of videos related to events organized at the headquarters of the Company during the three-year appointment related to The Black Night and other events are characterized by a strong presence and expression of art in all its changing forms.

Lucifero On The Air

Lucifero Illuminazione on the air, we present an excerpt selected the best services produced and broadcasted on Italian TV Channel.