Lucifero - Luce Divna

The light of Angels:

Origami of light and paper transform into delicate clothes which splendour our angels. They are Lucifer’s disciples, between art and clouds, clouds and art. On a backdrop of sky, ancient emotions in the angel hair bring to mind a dream like atmosphere: Raffaello, Botticelli, Tiepolo ... the grand masters of the past who gave testimony their fine works of art.

“Fly gently in the vibrant air, fly among us”.

With endless energy, they watch us, they aid us, they guide us on our way towards knowledge: The angels. Lucifer is the brightest among them, the supreme master, the carrier of light, between sin, virtue and vanity.

“Our eyes cannot see, but let us open our hearts to intellect.
That way we can find the light”.

Lucifer and the light, Lucifer and his luminous bodies. Day, night, sunrise or sunset, it is Lucifer’s art which makes space among the clouds and accompanies life’s events. Created with angelic irony: nine creations of enlightened poetry, nine angels which are centre players in the endless “Lucifero” iridescence.