Lucifero - La Forza della Luce

Tribute to Alessandro CRUTO

Going through the life of Mr. Alessandro Cruto, we are greatly surprised by one amazing aspect: his passion.
He studied physics and chemistry on his own, then he left his career of master builder. He faced a lot of financial difficulties, he created his own laboratory, spreading great
enthusiasm among many people so that a lot of persons could trust in his capacities and could give him
financial support.
The works exposed by Lucifero are intended to be in honour of this
passion. We share this passion.

We recognize to Mr. Alessandro
Cruto the invention of the carbon
filament, a very thin, but fundamental instrument which gives us the possibility of using lamps
every day and they are essential.
Using the same experimental force, the same innovative spirit, the same strength Lucifero is looking
nowadays for new exterior forms through which this extraordinary invention can communicate all his emotional expressions.
After science has conquered electric light, now light has became
capable of conveying atmosphere.

Fascination, transparency, poetry, irony, audacity, happiness and fun, all together are included in this precious filament and they are now expressing themselves in
various shapes, outlines, shrouds and with sinuous lines. More, they can
astonish us again.